This Week in High Fashion...Venice Film Festival

This Week in High Fashion...Venice Film Festival

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 8:34am
I know I know I know...this isn't technically "high fashion". BUT, you have to admit that International and Hollywood movie stars are slaves to the fashion industry...if they accept a runway trend, it's tantamount to being a Biblical directive.SO, I've chosen the following examples...some good...some I'm sad to see being accepted not just on the level of a makeup artist, but on pricipal as well.Stephen Soderbergh and Jules Asner...she of the bare neutral face (sigh) and the gorgeous flouncy curly 50's hair. I'm being nice to her because of her hair...but that's the only reason.

Dammit Tilda Swinton, WHY did you have to pick the most annoying makeup trend and take it to Venice??? Bare face, no mascara, and RED LIPS. Hate hate hate hate. The trend this season isn't even a good red...it's TOMATO red. Tilda generally has zero fashion sense...but really...I am aghast.

Han Yuqin (L) and Michelle Ye are super cute...generally, I despise animal prints because they're cheap looking....but in this case, I actually kind of like them...and it's a good distraction from the NO MAKEUP makeup look that they're sporting. Ooo look! Purple shoes!!! *distraction!*

This is my favorite photo from the entire Reuters essay on Venice...and if you know me and my style, you know why...Fan Chih-wei, Terri Kwan, Xuan Zhu and Joseph Chang are awesome...I don't know who they are, but they're awesome. WWII Asian/Western fusion inspiration, who can argue with finger waves, jewels and rich colour? NOT ME! Love love love. AND I see eye makeup!

And finally...Maria Grazia Cucinotta you, feisty Italian minx, you...I have no idea who you are or what movies you've been in, but thank you for the cleavage, and the dark eyeliner. The Italians never let me down. :)

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