This Week in High Fashion: Kiss Me, Kiev!!

Yesterday at 2:13pm

Oh yes, lovlies... that's right... the Ukraine has a Fashion Week...

I'm sure you'll be as stunned as I am that it's not full of furs, hoods, brightly patterned headscarves and wollen underthings... NO! Kiev Fashion week is STYLISH.... and wonder of all wonders, when even Paris let me down... I see MAKEUP at Kiev Fashion Week... like FACEPAINT type makeup...

I'm almost giddy! I know what you're thinking... Kiev isn't Paris... it's not even Moscow... but you know what darlings... it's a start. If the Eastern Bloc can put fun makeup on it's models again, why shuoldn't it happen in Milan and Paris soon... tell me it will all be ok... that I'll see avant garde makeup strutting the haute runways again... I know it will happen... Kiev helps me keep the hope alive.
This way to the Runway Porn!
Liliya Litkovskaya I love what you did to this poor model... she's trapped in your garment, and she still manages to look fabulous. I love jackets... and this one is awesome... elbow details beat shoulder details ANY day.

I think the opening is here... oh wait, maybe not...oh gosh, my hair is stuck now... honey....! Help!

Julia Aysina --I don't know why you decided to turn filmy 70's nightgowns into catsuits and dresses Julia, I really don't...but you have gold flakes on your models faces...so I love you anyway.

You flip your high ponytail, Miss Thang... you have gold on your face... *snap snap*

Georgian designer Avtandil Tskvitinidze has made some beautifully feminine pieces for this runway showing... soft colours, not so subtle flowers, slightly costumey and stereotypically soft and gentle... and top top it all off.... a boring BARE FACED MODEL!
Okokok... I see some eyeliner there... but really she's just wearing bronzer... that's not fair.

Look how feminine and pretty and boring I am...

Ah yes.... Elena Burenina---WTF is going on here. I though we left fully covered faces to the walk of shame that is Barcelona Fashion Week... It's a bondage robbery on the runway folks... hide your valuables and hosiery... Aside from that weirdness, check out those shoulders... yikes... someone looks like a paper doll cut-out, and it's not just my imagination... this outfit kind of reminds me of Alsatia from Toys wearing her clip on clothes. You be the judge, but the tabs on the shoulders are so doing it for me.

To Burenina's credit though... we have the FACEPAINT! I was SO not ready for that mess. It's awesome, don't get me wrong, but I don't know how it fits with the theme of the show... the model still looks like she's been tied into the garment and turned into a giant bow... facepaint = awesome... but probablay not in this instance. Points for effort, Elena... but not very many.

Nota Bene & Irina Karavay -- I'm only mentioning you because you redeem your heinously boring runway makeup with beauty marks... but that is all... your garments are a little messy looking (unfinished to be perfectly Project Runway about it)... and I"m not sure what's going on with that patchwork necklace.

Larisa Lobanova makes pretty, whimsical things... lightly reminiscent of tie-dye... but overall, I can't complain too hard. I also see facepaint here... it's also oddly mismatched to the collection, but again I'm giving out points for effort merely on the understanding that they will try harder next time... yes the paint matches the garment...but it doesn't mean it belongs there...

Christina Bobkova = neon colours, shimmery stretchy skintight fabric and wierdness in the hair department... I'm not sure if putting these all together to make a look and a collection is a good thing, but she's trying it... hard.
Stretchy shiny tight fabric doesn't look good on ANYONE, even railroad tie thin models from Eastern Europe...

Olena Vorozhbyt and Tetyana Zemskova --I saved my favorites for last... love the hair, love the clothes, there's even makeup to be found on those pretty shiny faces...

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