This Week in High Fashion....LONDON CALLING!

This Week in High Fashion....LONDON CALLING!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 8:46am
I know what you're thinking....London + Fashion = punks in tall beaver skin hats and red serge...no no no my friends.What I've seen of the coverage of this year's London Fashion Week would make ever the stiffest of upper lips wiggle in delight.Cheeky swimwear, complicated construction, vinyl and PVC (?!?) and some hats that would make the Queen blush a certain shade of red best not discussed in the House of Lords....Headonism (HAAAATS!), House of Holland (you so crazy!), Vivienne Westwood, Jena Theo, Twenty8Twelve (I hate Sienne Miller, but sadly, she has decent taste in clothes...can't say the same for her taste in men), Kinder Aggugini (BIG hats and stripes!), Nicole Farhi, Caroline Charles, Eun Jeong, Paul Costelloe...and MORE. Brit Pop, Punk, Annie Lennox, Twiggy, Margaret Thatcher, the Beatles, British Invasion...those crazy limeys! And here I thought that the UK was the home of the uptight Victoriana and keeping calm and carrying on...there is never ANYTHING calm about London Fashion week...and that's why I love it so hard.

I'm sorry...is that a sparkley cherry in your mouth, or are you just happy to see me?Headonism S/S 2010

Enough talk! Show me the Runway Porn!


Headonism...lip service.

Smokey eyes and Princess Leia inspired snowball hats @ Headonism S/S 2010

PVC at House of Holland S/S 2010I didn't realize that PVC was a Spring fabric...

Models at London Fashion WeekTrendy Cause: Fashion against Sweatshops."Love Fashion, Hate Sweatshops"

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