This Week in High Fashion Part II: MILAN!!!! EEEEEeeeee!!!!

This Week in High Fashion Part II: MILAN!!!! EEEEEeeeee!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009 at 8:33am
Because I simply just CAN'T wait until Monday to post this...Milan Fahsion Week....*squee*Milan Milan Milan...hotspot of model downfall or superstardom, runway debauchery, trendiest of the trendy, and scene many (I'm so sure) of Anna Wintour's famous freak outs. Someone needs to cut her hair and take that woman out for a hot dog, seriously.What was I talking about? OH! YES! MILAN!!!Featured this week, some creations by more up and coming designers...which is SO refreshing...I really love seeing new "faces" on the runways and in the big shows...almost as much as I love seeing Project Runway contenstants on Granville Island! *Ahem*Milan...and ode to your runway this week...Some straaange backcombed creations at Incubatore della moda A-Lab (but with a name like that, you'd better bring me some crazy stuff)...a hat created out of the model's actual hair??? NICE!Pin-Up Stars looking like a classy verson of the Pussycat Dolls, which is always nice...bikinis and ruffles and some very bronzed 70's style makeup...super dramatic and very pretty.D&G goes....country???? and was that a Mickey Mouse printed t-shirt I saw??? Say it ain't so, boys!Armani has sultry eyes and jewel toned fashions...I'm still trying to decide if I like the overall effect of the makeup...right now I'm leaning towards not...but only because the models look more like they woke up from a 3-day drug binge and threw on some fabulous clothes....moreso than usual I suppose....but form a distance...it looks fabulous.Blugirl...BORING....nude faces and red lips...blaaaaaah Cavalli used some SCARY dramatic models this season too...harsh dark eyes, pale skin, and wild bed head...so sexy, but so scary.Shocker of my LIFE...there are NORMAL sized women on Milan's runways this year....and I don't mean just normal sized...I mean AVERAGE....I'd even go so far to say that they're HIPPY....Elena Miro seems to have taken the skinny model debate personally...and I'm so in love with her right now. Her models are beautiful and buxom...but I wish she didn't wrap them in animal prints.Finally, my favorite...Miss Bikini...and her Ziggy Stardust models!!! Cheekbones for DAYS. augh!Enough talk! Show me the runway porn!


Incubatore della moda A-Lab S/S 2010

Pin-Up Stars

Dolce & GabbanaMy eyes are bleeding, Micky...bleeeeding!


Cheekbones, pale pale skin, and bruised eyes at Armani...like? don't like?I don't like.

Yay Elena Miro!!!

Although I tend to disagree with animal prints just on principal.

Just Cavalli S/S 2010Dramatic eyes, sexy hair, and slightly scary stick thin models.

Blugirl S/S 2010Pretty feminine fashion...BORING makaup.

Miss Bikini S/S 2010LOVE the slicked back hair and Bowie-esque maquillage. Brilliant.

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