This Week in High Fashion: MILAN MADNESS CONTINUES!!!

This Week in High Fashion: MILAN MADNESS CONTINUES!!!

October 01, 2009 at 8:58am
And I'm serious about the madness part...Seriously...I know that it's cool to be eccentric when you're a designer...that the clothes are a form of expression and the soul can't be cookie cutter-ed into the mainstram consciousness...but seriously...sometimes reality is a fun place to play.Versace's gone 80's tart glam, Dolce and Gabana I love you, Cavalli...I'm not sure what's going on there, Mariella Burani makes belts I would wear naked, and DSquared2 have lost their Squared minds...Just a note, DSqaured...I know you're Canadian and that you dressed Madonna when she was in her cowboy phase and that's awesome...but you're just embarassing us now. And flannel plaid isn't high fashion. Just sayin'

All I can say DS2...WTFWe all love camping...but seriously...? Sweatshirts and pink vinyl/PVC AND a trucker hat???



Versace...neon and SHINY!

Pretty pretty at Bottega VenetaS/S 2010

A suit made of scrunchies? Models that look like Crispin Glover? I'm confised Cavalli...very confused.

Mariella Burani...I heart this belt...I would Lady Godiva this belt.

Dolce and Gabbana...These men know how to dress women.S/S 2010 looks like we're all going to take up equestrian pursuits.

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