This Week in High Fashion: MTV Movie Awards 2010

Oh MTV. You defined a generation back in the 80’s, you nursed us through the difficult transition between live music, concerts we couldn’t afford, Madonna’s banned videos, and bridged the reality TV gap, and then led the youth into an age where music videos are more mini-movie than actual video, and reality TV is more scripted than actual TV, which is more than a little terrifying. You showed us how to dress (or not depending on the video or show), how to act (or not), where to party on Spring Break (or not)…your reach was endless. Then, you decided you were cool enough to judge movies too…um. Ok. Sure.

So here we are in 2010, and we’re still letting these douchebags tell us what to wear, what movies to watch, who’s cool, and who’s not. Is this seriously what society has been reduced to? Target audience, the screaming velociraptors who make up the “tween plus” generation…we’re talking ages 12 to 16…they watch Gossip Girl, fantasize about marrying or at the very least being stalked by a vampire, idolize Paris Hilton, think Michael Cera and Jonah Hill are hilarious, and don’t remember when Brett Michaels was actually popular for real and not for fake. BTW, if you’re an adult and you fall into any of these categories…we’re not speaking anymore.

As MTV slowly takes over the world like a giant soul sucking jellyfish, the red carpets at the MTVMA’s are almost as popular as the Grammy’s…yeah, I said it.
The guest list at the MTVMA’s always surprise me…I always want to know who is on the security detail that lets in the cast of Jersey Shore like they’re supposed to be there.

*le sigh*

On to the Fashion!!
Katy Perry…is so cute I could just barf all over her.
But as much as I love her, I can’t forgive her for attempting to rip off the Gaga. I really can’t.
Here she is in Zuhair Murad, gross yellow nail polish that only my ex-roomate could love, and a blue wig that can probably be found at the stripper store on Granville.

Although, I have to admit she looks great with blue hair…like a muppet with overly moisturized breasts.

Kristen Stewart…seriously looks like she has the personality of a nail file. An article I found called this outfit “fun” and said that she was “rocking some wicked hair extensions”. The 1980’s were not fun, which is where those mismatched prints look like they’re borrowed from, and you’re giving Dolce and Gabbana a bad name…as for the hair extensions…”rocking” is not how I would describe what she’s doing to them.

Lindsay Lohan…WTF happened and why is “young Hollywood” caught in this spinning vortex of bad retro fashion??? I like how LoHo is rocking the “just rolled out of bed coked out hooker” look. She really does it justice. How in the name of all that is holy did someone decide that this is what she should wear to an awards show…oh yeah…note to self…Pamela Rolland makes clothes that are inappropriately supportive, ill-fitting, and…super important…FUCKING UGLY. Wow Lindsay…on the trainwreck back to winning your way back into the collective “heart” of entertainment…too bad you’re aiming for the crotch on the outskirts of Vegas. Ouch.

Christina Aguilera has always been about over-the-top, diva bullshit. Aaaaand nothing’s changed here, folks. Wearing Versace Atelier to an MTV function is like wearing black tie to a frat party. She wears it amazingly well…obviously…but you know she’s just there to make fun of everyone behind their backs, drink Perrier with a self-satisfied smirk on her face, and then go home with the captain of the basketball team that you’ve had your eye on all year. Bitch.

Dolce and Gabbana got a LOT of play on this year’s MTVMA red carpet…although whoever the fuck decided that Snooki from Jersey Shore would be allowed to wear something from their spring line should be SHOT. In the head. TWICE. Ever the style icon, Snooki ADMITTED to cutting the hem off her dress to make it shorter…ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?! It burns….the hatred…it burns.

Thank all of the gods for Scarlett Johansson. THIS is what Dolce & Gabbana is SUPPOSED to look like. NO HEM CUTTING ALLOWED. Are you listening SNOOKI!?

Paris Hilton…is a femmebot, I’ve decided. Someone needs to pop her head off and re-adjust her wires so she can’t say the words “hot”, “TTYN”, or “BFF” or “I need a new puppy” ever ever again.
On a fashion note, this dress isn’t horrible…and normally, Blumarine is pretty good about not putting crap on the runway. Although, Paris dressing like she thinks she’s an angel princess or whatever the hell she’s going for here…not so much. I’m of the mind (and I don’t think I’m alone here) that all things white that Paris comes into contact with should automatically stain themselves darker…it could be her super power or something.

Vanessa Hudgens…I know you’re dating Zac Efron, which automatically gives you a free pass in the teen world (or maybe an automatic death threat, I can’t be sure), but whoever said that this Jenny Packham dress you’re wearing is “sweet and innocent” hasn’t seen any photos from the last Midsummer’s Eve party at the Playboy Mansion. Add some Double D’s under that nightdress, and she’s ready to be Miss March. Just sayin’.

Nikki Reed…you were in Twilight…that doesn’t make you an actress. You’re also wearing MiuMiu…which is Prada’s cheaper little sister…the pattern and cut of this dress says to me: “Come on back to the 60’s, we have the Beatles”. As much as I disapprove of the Twilight “phenomenon” and everything rolled in with it…I approve of this dress.

Eva Mendes went to rehab, and all she got was this one-shouldered, ill-fitting, sparkly, heinous coloured, giraffe printed, sack dress from Stella McCartney. Pass the crown and coke….

Jessica Biel…her dress says, “I’m dating Justin Timberlake, and we’re so happy that I can wear whatever I want to awards shows and he’ll still love me.” Did you notice that he’s not in attendance? I sure did. Nice Giambattista Valli tea-frock BTW, my mother would approve of the long sleeves on the otherwise questionable morals going on with the rest of that dress. Another note, from the look on her face, I’d say that sheer polka dot top is itchy. That sucks.

Jwoww…yes, that’s actually what people call her…and by people, I mean douchebags. Wearing something from her own line of exotic dance wear…I mean…fashion…Filthy Couture is the perfect name for it. This line can also bee seen circling rooms on ceiling fans, draped over chairs, and being flung into the crowd while straddling a pole in a seedy dive club in Nanaimo and other points down the road to deep deep depression. Also available at Target.

Oh MTV…I’m so glad I don’t get your channel anymore.


Nightshade Watches Movies: Lagerfeld Confidential !!!

When someone utters the name Karl Lagerfeld...what springs to mind? Chanel? Perhaps. The frosted ponytail? Indeed. Seasonally inappropriate collars that only Don Cherry could love? Definitely. You know me, I've had an on and off love affair with Lagerfeld, as a designer and as a “fashion celebrity” for quite some time. It's generally love/hate, but I find it quite satisfying in a quasi neurotic kind of way. I find him alternately fascinating and terrifying…as I’m sure many people do. The man is a self proclaimed “alien” and I can’t seem to shake the image of fashion’s favorite bobble-head doll, Jeanne Beker from Fashion Television, giggling like a half-crazed schoolgirl JUST to sit in his presence…it clings Jeanne…the shame.

Coming back to the subject….Lagerfeld...movie.
When I was trapped on a hugely long flight from Paris to Seattle last month, I discovered to my inane joy (you have no idea) that Air France has a staggeringly large cache of fashion based films, runway footage, and documentaries on their little in-seat screens. *squeal* For 10 hours straight (broken only by the 80th viewing of “A Bugs Life” )…I watched runway footage from the catwalks of the world…and then a little gem of a documentary that I hadn’t heard of before. Lagerfeld Confidential. Which, I’m shocked to say…changed my view of Lagerfeld completely. OK well not completely...I still think he's batshit, but in all seriousness, this NEVER happens to me, kittens. I don’t change my mind about these things lightly.
On with the review!

Lagerfeld Confidential http://www.lagerfeldconfidentiel.com/index.cfm?lng=en
Filmed in 2007, in endearingly horrible lighting, documentary style by Rodolphe Marconi the viewer is treated to a week (or maybe it was a month, I couldn’t be sure, it wasn’t specifically explained) in the life of The Lagerfeld. Fortunately for me, as a Lagerfeld critic, this film allowed an insider’s view of the daily workings of the Chanel empire…at least the Lagerfeld parts. I was rewarded with the justification of most of my assumptions…the man is insane. Now, unfortunately, when I say insane, I actually mean genius level insane…Lagerfeld is an incredibly complex man with many levels and many things about his life which are not shared with outsiders…take his dark glasses for example…he specifically demanded (in a nice way) to not be filmed without them…instructions which the camera crew did their best to subvert and got a fair amount of footage of Lagerfeld sans lunettes de soleil, and considering this documentary is considered “official” Lagerfeld obviously approved it.

Which brings me to my next point. Approved documentaries, like authorized biographies are generally a snore. The unauthorized content is soooo much juicier isn’t it? Thankfully, and to Lagerfeld’s credit, there is quite a bit of seemingly unauthorized content in this film. From the director: «I have shown the film to Karl two weeks after the final editing; it was the same version that you will see today: he has changed nothing. There was no censorship imposed upon me during the editing.»
We see Lagerfeld packing for a trip…we get to peek into his dresser drawers and see the PILES yes, PILES of paper/starched/space material collars that he wears everywhere….the plethora of ipod/nano/shuffle/mp3 music options…the multiple BOWLS of rings that he covers his fingers with before leaving the house (an assistant yelps when he pats her hand because of all the rings, owie…right on the bone). The small retail boutique contents he brings with him as presents for house staff, guests, anyone, random people he meets…Chanel for EVERYONE!!!!! I’m serious…an army of pristine, massive Chanel shopping bags follows this man wherever he goes.
I have to admit, my dears, that as much as I have spoken ill of Lagerfeld in the past…I still admire him. On seeing footage of his apartment, I had a definitive moment of fan-girl palpitations…he lived…right down the street from the flat I had occupied on the Rue D’Anjou only days previously. I know. Barfy, right?
Something else to love about this documentary is the tender side of Lagerfeld that shows itself quite unabashedly. He worships his mother for her strength of character, and her passion for life; he hates people who can’t be alone; he never sleeps on flights and won’t travel without a threadbare pillow that his grandmother made for him; he freely admits that he can’t sew…he just designs.

Lagerfeld is an artist, an artist with no secrets to hide, and no shame about his lifestyle, his desires, or his opinions…(don’t ask him what he thinks about YSL). He’s a brilliant sketch artist (loves to work in red sharpie and always draws a frame around his design sketches), a gifted photographer, a rabid magazine collector, and an avid scrap booker (yes, I’m serious).

His office looks like mine...there may be hope for me yet.

Verdict…love him, worship him, think he’s a fucking nutcase? All of the above? Definitely worth the watch. Personally, he still terrifies me slightly in that “I definitely think you’re crazy, but no one else seems to notice” kind of way.
Watch the documentary…if nothing else…Nicole Kidman’s in it, and there are naked male models (seriously), and no naked Karl Lagerfeld.
*thumbs up*

Nicole Kidman!!!

Male models in various states of undress!!!!


This Week in High Fashion: LG Fashion Week...What Trends??

Toronto Fashion Week has been through many facelifts over the years that it's been running as NY Fashion Week's dirty little love child that no one talks about...first it was just plain old Toronto Fashion Week, then L'Oreal Fashion Week, and now, LG Fashion Week. Somehow the association of spotty and unreliable satellite connections goes hand in hand with the fashions that are coming out of Toronto this season.

Now, "Selling Out" is usually a term reserved for sports teams and rock bands, with no apologies made...and now the same thing is happening for fashion. At LG Fashion week, it's easy to see who's driving the creative boat...and as usual, it's the people with the most money. Or the biggest entourage, you be the judge.

Designers of note showing at this season's LG Fashion Week (aka the one's that I'll be bashing): Joe Fresh, Evan Biddel, Lucian Matis, Barbie by David Dixon, Bustle Clothing, Cocolilly, Attitude, Pink Tartan.


Joe Fresh Style -- If you're not familiar with this label, obvoiusly you haven't been shopping in a small town before. Dominating the landscape of small towns and suburbs everywhere, Great Canadian Superstore has a fashion line. Yes...a fashion line. A fashion line that shows at Toronto's Fashion Week. Now if you're waiting for it all to get better, like I am...it doesn't. But LG Fashion Week is cool with it...then again, wouldn't everyone if they were getting paid a whackload of money? Sure you would be. Don't deny it...money talks. Especially in Toronto. There are furry earmuffs on this runway...I do NOT approve.

I'm sorry...are those earmuffs?

I know someone with a dogskin coat that would go PERFECTLY with that purse!!!

Evan Biddel -- How can you NOT love Evan Biddel, this author is proudly addicted. BUT...laying it all on the table...WTF is happening with this collection? Bag dresses, crazy eye bleach worthy prints, shiny material that looks like it belongs on a baked potato, and some structure that even McQueen would be like: "bitch...please". Now don't take this the wrong way...Biddel is fabulous...loved him since day one on Project Runway, and he cuts and sews everything by himself...but I think I can see where he got a little angsty about his work...or a little too stoned to go on.

I'm al for structure...but this is just stupid. Is it a raincoat? A child's play area? I'm confused. I also wonder how much glue gun time was put into this.

It's the pants that are freaking me out the most. OK that's a lie...everything is freaking me out at this point.

Lucian Matis -- Another Project Runway alumnai...and another longtime love. Matis' designs are generally flowing, beautiful, delicate garments for flowing, delicate, beautiful women. No problem. This collection however...is not. It's hard, it's strong, it's feminine, yes...but Matis' woman is definitely STRONGER this season than in the past. My issue...is the borrowing from other catwalks and hoping that no one notices. I see Lagerfeld inspired lines, Chanel suits in luxe fabrics, and baroque designs that look like McQueen's final collection. I'm ok with this...but I HATE recycled runway. *YAWN*

Compare to Chanel's Winter 10/11 collection...all that's missing is furry boots. And Lagerfeld.

Subtle hints of McQueen...it's not his fault.

Barbie by David Dixon -- Now, the name of this line makes my gag reflex pinch a little, but that's another story for another day involving childhood issues and a revulsion for pink and everything Barbie stands for. "Barbie", is touted as a ready to wear collection for "real women". Which is a little hilarious to me, but then again, I'm seeing a LOT of knee socks and romper length dresses...do "real women" wear this stuff? How does one expect to be taken seriously in a raspberry pink dress with a chartreuse wrapped pea coat? Oh, and knee socks. *giggle* However, the mod-inspired 60's look of the collection is refreshing with the avalanche of 80's crap that's been falilng off the runways lately. That part of the 60's can come back...it's allowed. I permit it.

Chartreuse pea coat? CHECK! Age Inappropriate knee socks? CHECK! Barf bag? oh no...

Oh the knee socks...and an age inappropriate dress with too many bows...I'm having a "Clueless" flashback to 1994.

Bustle Clothing-- Designed by a couple of bitchy laywers from Toronto, I'm convinced that Bustle clothing gets to show at LG Fashion week because the creative director is a perma-judge on Project Runway Canada. Convinced. He has to look legit right? What better way than to buy your way onto the runway? There's a lot of back scratching going on behind the scenes here...which isn't surprising. Fashion is seedier than the brokerage industry sometimes. Bustle's collection this season is for men...and not just ANY man. NO...the man who is OK with wearing several layers of cashmere and velvet. Velvet blazers...fine...velvet SUIT?
Please, ladies, don't do this to the men you love. They won't thank you, and they'll wash it in the regular wash instead of drycleaning it. I promise.

EW. Seriously. Would you date this? I wouldn't.

Shiny waxed suit...not MY idea of hot...but then again, I haven't been wrong yet.

Cocolilly --If Madonna's "Like a Virgin" suddenly started playing in the background right now, I wouldn't be scared. There are pasties on this runway. Lindsay Lohan's Ungaro collection had pasties and it was PANNED. Perhaps because Cocolilly has frilly lacy pasties it'll be different...but I doubt it. But really, what goes better with a pouffy prom dress than...you guessed it...PASTIES! Cocolilly collection can be summed up in 3 themes...lace, 80's cutouts, knee socks. *BARF*

I swear I've seen this on Demi Moore on a worst dressed list somewhere in the early 90's. I swear.

Lacy Pasties!!!! BLUE SHOES!!!!!

Attitude by SEARS-- Yes, that was capitalized for a reason. SEARS is showing at LG Fashion Week....HOW did this happen. You too can see models decked in ill fitting skirts and blouses of polyester blend material strut their way down the runway of a prominent fashion week. Ther isn't much more to say about this collection...there were a few shining monents of chockingly well fitted tweed-looking wool-blend suits that were actually flattering...aaaand that's about it. Oh...and some lace and knee socks.


This is the only thing I like off of this runway, and it's so Sears it hurts me.

Pink Tartan -- "Pretty, Polished, and Elegant" In a trashbag. Trashbag looking material is making a comeback...Biddel, Pink Tartan, they're rocking it. I know I'll be lining up to get MY form fitted trashbag dress to wear to the clubs. Question...how does a skirt that looks like it was made out of a ratty bearskin rug get squished under the "Pretty, Polished and Elegant" tagline? Also...structure is wonderful...sometimes it can be fabulous...but when did jodhpurs with wired out hip enhancements come back to the runway? John Galliano can get away with this...Pink Tartan, not so much.

There are so many things wrong with this...so so many. I have to admit I'm not understanding the "lets turn women into cylanders" trend...not hot.

Oh, I'm SO glad they got the garbage bag material memo. SO GLAD (TM).

All in all, what can we take away from Toronto Fashion Week in this 2010 Collection Review? Knee socks? Let's not and leave it for the school age girls. There are many lessons to be learned from LG Fashion week...and not all of them are about Fashion, but that's what we'll stick to for now.

One day, I'll tell you all how I really feel.


This Week in High Fashion: I've got my Knickers in a Knot...

Here in Vancouver, as with many Canadian cities, there’s a little rag paper that gets thrust into your unwilling, frozen, or otherwise overburdened hands on your way to work in the morning….it’s call 24 hours. It’s a rag paper. Recycled news from other sources and some “local colour” thrown in for fun… As I rarely read what is so often strewn about the skytrain cabins, I was surprised to learn this morning that 24 hours has a FASHION section. REALLY. I can’t even reenact the look of shock on my face….which predictably enough, turned to a look of disgust and perhaps with even a dash of righteous indignation thrown in.

The reason for the indignation you ask? Well, not like it takes much for me to lose my shit about fashion and what certain people in certain positions of perceived power have to say about it…I give you…Twisted Panties. Oh yes…you heard me. Twisted Panites. Two ladies giving advice to poor downtrodden women about what they should wear, how to get into a relationship, maintain it once you’ve TRAPPED the poor bastard, and most importantly…the search for the perfect pair of jeans. BARF.
As if Cosmopolitan and Flare weren’t enough reason to curse your womb and beg for the sense of Maxim…

But I digress.
This morning, care of the ladies at Twisted Panties, I was presented with my dictated choices for best LBD. Anyone who’s read this blog before KNOWS how much I utterly loathe the phrase LBD…acronym or not. How have women been reduced to this? You’re nothing without the perfect little black dress. NOTHING!!!! AND WHY DON’T YOU LOVE CARRIE BRADSHAW LIKE WE DO??? Back the fuck off, you screeching bitches.
Some of us have better things to do with our lives than follow the misadventures of New York’s most rapidly aging 18 year old slut and her “bestest” friends. UGGGG.
Twisted Panties would like YOU, yes you, women of Vancouver…to buy these career making dresses from specific places…like Jacob, Banana Republic, the Bay etc. I think it’s not so much the dresses themselves, but it’s the way in which the dresses are presented that is really cutting off the circulation…

“…perfect for business travel, especially if you plan on seducing one of your co-workers”
“…in fact, it looks and feels better with nothing on underneath.”
“…the perfect LBD to wear to the Sex and the City 2 premiere!!!!!”

WOW it’s a really great thing that women have come so far in society that we can avoid those silly stereotypes of only getting ahead in the office if we put out, and thank GOD we all LOVE Sex and the City…we love it enough to go to the premiere in a $300 dress!!! And OMG it’s SO lucky that we’re all a size 0-2 because those dresses look SO horrible on those fat chicks. PHEW.

Hold on for just one hot mess of a minute.
Not everyone is a size zero…and we all know that Jacob just doesn’t fit right if you have a rack that’s anywhere over a B-cup. And hips? Hello…some of us (this bitter blogger included) have them…in spades…
Let’s ignore for a moment how annoyed I am with this article and explore instead something else…like other options in the little (insert colour here) dress category.
Why black? Yes, it looks great on everyone, yes, you can wear it to the office and then out to get laid with your co-workers after your workday, yes, you can wear it to the PTA meeting and then to seduce your child’s teacher…we get it.
How about some colour? How about some LOCAL colour???

Nightshade is all about the locals…and so…I give you some LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE, and dare I say it…AWESOME alternatives to the prohibitively BORING styles in today’s 24 hours fashion section…

Retro styles are always IN style…I know that Carrie isn’t wearing it, but give me a freaking break already, she’s also not usually wearing underwear…you try that in the summer in some of the skirts she’s wearing.

Scout Boutique ~ 152 East 8th Ave Vancouver
Featuring a few gems from labels like Sweet Soul, Misty Greer (both Vancouver local) and Stop Staring…why the hell would you settle for black??? But if you MUST follow the crowd, at least do it in style.

Dress by Sweet Soul~Lace is going to be big in 2010...if you're going to hop on the trend boat, look hot while doing it.

Dress by Sweet Soul~ This dress looks hot on EVERYONE...regardless of bodyshape. Trust me on this one...these women, know boobies and butts.

"Paris" Dress by Stop Staring~ $130.00

"Ava" dress by Stop Staring~ $137.00

Retro kitten dress by Stop Staring~ $154.00

The thing about Vancouver, we’re pretty uptight about our environmentals…have you ever worn a soy cotton dress? I can’t even describe how amazing it feels on your skin…you should try it, for reals.

Planet Claire Sustainable Fashion~ 212 Abbott Street, Gastown

Planet Claire is one of my favorite places and favorite people…she carries locally designed, sustainable/organic/upcycled clothing from some of the best labels around. Adhesif, Sweet Soul, Carny Love, Flora and Fauna, Lav and Kush, NATE Organics, and MORE…why the hell would you drag your ass into the Bay??? Seriously.

If you simply CAN’T live without a LBD, opt for a local, awesome option…
Flora and Fauna have some gorgeous black dresses that are classy, organic, and beautiful on EVERY bodytype…

The moral of the story kittens?
Well, there are two.
One, don’t let the quest for thr “perfect” LBD consume your life…there is better shit out there. Trust me.
Two, don’t ever say LBD in my presence, you will be shunned.


This Week in High Fashion: IN YOUR FACE LINDSAY LOHAN

Yes...that's right...I found it...the article I've been waiting for!!!

Remember not so long ago, I made a post about Lindsday Lohan's misadeventures in High Fashion with her sponsor/victim, the Ungaro label???

I was SO pleased to come across this article the other day...so pleased in fact, that I had to share bits of it with all of you.


" (Reuters) - Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan's design career has ended after a single collection for Parisian label Emanuel Ungaro, leaving the fashion world divided over whether her work was a disaster or a much-needed bit of fun.

Ungaro designer Estrella Archs, who worked with Lohan on last year's widely panned show of buttock-revealing dresses and strippers' nipple stickers, showed her second Ungaro collection on Monday. She said Lohan had no hand in it.

"You have up and downs and you learn a lot, more from the downs than from the ups," Archs told reporters backstage when asked about the dire reviews of last year's show with Lohan, who acted as artistic adviser.

"I feel that I have to work, work, work and work ... I've been doing this for a long time, with different people and different houses, and I think this is the best medicine," said Archs, looking close to tears.

Their joint collection has just hit the shops, but Lohan has gone back to buying rather than producing fashion -- she was seen at Roberto Cavalli in Milan, and was invited to Dior in Paris on Friday, though she came late and missed the show."

Archs, with no entertainment career to fall back on, has stuck with Ungaro, turning out an autumn/winter collection of jewel-colored dresses, bustier tops and leopard print trousers.

The fashion house now appears to be uncertain over whether it should pretend the Lohan collection never happened, or be proud of its Hollywood connection.

A week before the show, Ungaro's press department firmly said that the actress was still working as artistic adviser. At the show, Archs said just as firmly that Lohan was not involved."

This is my favorite bit:
"The fashion house now appears to be uncertain over whether it should pretend the Lohan collection never happened, or be proud of its Hollywood connection."

From the looks of this picture...I think it's going to be a "pretend it never happened" kind of scenario.
I mean, look at this woman's face...Oh, Estrella...this is not the face of a collaboration an artist should be proud of...this is the face of bitter BITTER disappointment on a woman who knows that she is going to have to bust her buffet challenged ass to regain even a SHRED of the respect that the Ungaro name HAD before Little Miss LoHo got a hold of the design scissors...speaking of Lindsay...she looks ECSTATIC to be on the runway getting all the attention from strangers that she should have gotten from her parents. Aw.

One of these things is not like the other...

Full article here: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6273OS20100308

Total Facial, Lohan...total facial....but I'm sure you're used to that.