This Week in High Fashion: I Heart Hair!!!

This Week in High Fashion: I Heart Hair!!!

Today at 9:31am

Now I have to be honest with you all... those of you who know me, know that I hate my own hair...can't effing stand it... that's why I don't have very much... On a regular basis, I get annoyed and I cut it all off.

Prior to being a Makeup Artist... I didn't have much to do with hair... sure I cut off a few ponytails in my highschool years... and braided endless lengths of yarn and pigtails in Girl Guides...but since "taking up the brush" I've discovered that I ADORE styling hair. And I'm serious about that ADORE bit.

Hair just makes a look... makeup is important, of course... but with the current runway trend being that icky boring bare face... hair has to be spectacular or the beauty industry is doomed.


Today, I give you my tribute to Runway Hair...


FIRST up! Vivienne Westwood...

Vivienne never lets me down, craaaaazy hair and craaaaazy makeup!!! I don't know about you darlings, but when I look at these photos, I think of a subtle marriage between Queen Elizabeth I with her lead based makeup covered "virginal" face and a light socket.

Its regal, and shocking...all at the same time.

And I seriouly respect Vivienne for suffering the same hairstyle as her models. That is true dedication to your art form. The day I see Karl Lagerfeld in anything but dark glasses and Don Cherry collars, I will die of shock.

Go VW!

She's like a Tim Burton doll on electoshock treatments... what's not to love?

Anyone who's been in my chair knows that I have a penchant for vintage hair... I have a thing for roller sets. OK not just a thing... it's an obsession. I don't know if I'm preparing for a career doing old lady wash n' sets or what...but I just can't seem to stop. Thankfully, it's still happening on the Runways of London... so I don't feel too too bad about it. I almost feel... justified. :D

OK, so Paul Costellow goes a little far here... I generally take the curlers OFF the model before sending them on their way... but its neither here nor there.

Paul Costelloe 2009 Autumn/Winter collection show during London Fashion Week February 20, 2009

Crimping... I personally grew out of crimping in 1992...but some people just can't let go.
OH and there is actually some EYE MAKEUP in this photo too!!!
I really hate the fact that I get all squiffy over a little eyeliner on the runways these days... that is so sad.

Basso & Brooke during their spring/summer 2009 show at London Fashion Week September 17, 2008.

Personally, I love colour... fun coloured hair is the shit, boys and girls. If I didn't work a stifling day job, my hair would be much more entertaining.
I threw this in here because:

a) I love Anna Sui...she's adorable... like a rose-perfumed Lolita with a knife adorable
b) Blue hair is FUN
c) The model is wearing eye makeup... small victories, people... small victories.

Anna Sui Spring 2008 collection during New York Fashion Week September 10, 2007.

Rolls and curls...
I actually really really like the photo below...
Hairnets are so touch and go... their either super classy (like on a Hunter Jumper competitor) or super grody (like on Mavis the lunch lady in highschool). I'm going with classy on this one...
But it's a slippery slope.

Malandrino Fall 2009 collection during New York Fashion Week, February 19, 2009

Boy Hair

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn... your curls are looking a little... um... prett-ay?
G-Star is supposed to be an egdy urban clothing line... so I'm confused... unsettled and confused by the Victorian curls... ok lets be honest, it takes a real man to rock curls like that... PLUS a perv moustache... ok let's be burtal about it... it takes a much stronger woman than I to sit back and appreciate those curls and stache without laughing my ass off.
I'm sorry G-Star, I won't be purchasing your wares because of your hot curly-top models.

NOT HOT ALERT! G-Star Spring 2010 show during New York Fashion Week September 15, 2009. and for shame hairstylist! BAD tattoos!

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