Makeup Trend Advice By Kat: "Don't you DARE put that on your face!"

Makeup Trend Advice By Kat: "Don't you DARE put that on your face!"

Yesterday at 12:34pm

As the world of High Fashion Weeks fades away into a cocktail dimmed memory, we can no longer depend on the whimsical (or otherwise nonsensical) fashion trends of the lovelier months to come... so instead, we have to think about WTF is happening to the weather, and how best to protect ourselves from its heinousness, and yet to outwardly appear at home and seasonally appropriate in our makeup choices.

Now every girl knows that light colours = spring and summer and dark colours = fall/winter Apparently Redbook magazine thinks we're retarded, ladies.
Here are the new makeup trends for Fall 2009 (according to Redbook Magazine)... shockingly, they're very similar to the suggestions for last year around this time... and every year really. Don't be fooled, ladies! Annual occurrences are NOT trends... at least in my mind.
Fall is my favorite makeup season Redbook... I will NOT let you ruin it for me!!
Trend #1
Oh look... jewel tones.
Now I admit, redbook does give good advice... sometimes.
"Wear the plum lip as if it were a statement necklace - Let your mouth be the main course and keep eyes light and lashy." --ok this is totally valid... if super boring. It's a cardinal rule of makeup that unless you're trolling for dates or sacrifice victims, dark eye makeup does not go with dark lipstick. Shockingly, as I'm sure I've recorded in other rants, this is following the runway trend of bare faces and dark lips. I am NOT letting redbook take the credit for this one. Plum is also a good valid choice... but purple isn't for everyone!!! Blue toned purples for tanned/darker toned skins, pinky purples for Snow White and crew.
But, if you're like me and hate following trends... try something neutral and transfer the purple to your eyes... especially you brown and green eyed vixens! Dark plum makes those yeux POP.

You can pick up this shade anywhere... don't listen to Redbook, you don't have to go to the alter of Holt Renfrew to achieve this. If you've never worked purple before... start small... a tinted lipgloss is waaay less commitment oriented than lipstick tends to be... test it out and work your way up to plum madness.

Trend #2
"Use muted taupes and browns on eyes to create definition. For the rest of the face, stick to classic nudes: terra-cotta, peach, and pink.
"Ok Redbook... how is this a "Hot Trend"??? This is typically a look that I reserve for brides who want to look like a more classic version of themselves, or those precious beauties who don't wear very much makeup. The "no makeup look" does require makeup... I know... it's horrible. If this is what you want to go for and you're not used to layering on the foundation and powder and highlighter and contouring... go with mineral makeup like the BodyShop line... it's super light and has its own highlights so you don't have to worry about looking like a dusty pancake.You can use blush, but it's not necessary... especially with how effing nippy it is outside, your cheeks will be rosy in NOTIME.
Pinks, browns, taupes... are ALL neutrals and are a basic recommendation for Fall. It's brown outside, why shouldn't your makeup be brown. UG! I personally HATE blending in. SO if you want to blend in with the moulting trees, be my guest... I will be rocking some dark greens, burnt oranges, deep gold and yellow and red highlights. But I'm just mad at Redbook right now.
Boring face!

Yes, this is a classic natural look.
Yes you can blend in with this look.
Yes, you probably have all of the components of this look in your makeup bag already... but where's the fun in that?? Fall is awesome, why be drab?

Trend #3
"A smoky eye in rich, metallic blue is an instant drama-booster."
I'm sorry.... what? It's a drama booster because unless you happen to have blue eyes... everyone will be wondering why you plundered your mother's makeup bag leftovers... perhaps my mother will lend me her navy blue eye pencil too! How exciting, Redbook! Thank you for bringing back the blue we were all aching for!!!
OH and I can't forget this little gem... suggested by Redbook's resident makeup Artist: "work with two to four shades of blue. It keeps the effect from looking too flat and retro. "No no, it still looks retro... and slightly trashy. And he recommends shimmer... I can't even talk about that right now.

Yes ladies, blue is tarty. Highly tarty. There is SUCH a fine line between looking punched in the face, Dante's Peak and classy that it's just too much to recommend this to anyone applying their own stuff...
My rule... keep it simple. Use 3 shades. Light, medium, dark. And NOT blue.

For Fall, I personally recommend dark browns... and if you need to go with a metallic shade, copper and bronze are the way to go. Chocolate and mink browns look great on every eye colour (including brown) and they are easily paired with peaches and taupes to make the smokey eye Redbook is talking about. Don't fall prey to the blue!!! Unless you want to inspire your mother break out her trio of Mary Kay shades and colour drape swatches... but again, lovelies... that's just my humble opinion. ;)
The actual article.

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