This Week in High Fashion: Moscow can has Fashion!

This Week in High Fashion: Moscow can has Fashion!

Today at 10:28am

Who knew that I would be oddly excited for these photos to present themselves? I'll tell you who knew... Kiev Fashion Week knew. I've been totally blindsided by the awesomeness of the Eastern Bloc Fashion Weeks. The Iron Curtain has been replaced with a velvet one, and I'm so historically inaccurately happy about it.
Who was I shocked to see showing at Moscow fashion week? Thierry Mugler... that's who. Holy crap I was NOT expecting to see him there. Since he's most recently been dressing Beyonce's "I am, Sasha Fierce" tour, I was expecting him to turn up on the Paris runways... perhaps with some "single ladies" or other Terminator or Alien themed models.

Thierry Mugler sketches for Beyonce's stage costumes.

But, as usual, I digress.
Now lets get down to the borscht and vodka of the matter here... I loved the photos from Moscow Fashion week because the models were actually wearing makeup and looking like they ENJOYED their runway walk...and not like all they could think about was their next cigarette or half of a banana waiting backstage.
*jazz hands*
AND I also saw some NORMAL sized models... REAL, BEAUTIFUL, WOMEN on the catwalk, not flounced up little train wrecks with more bones showing than a rack of lamb trying to look sexy and ending up looking more like heroin addicts who got waylaid on their way to their dealer's apartment.

Normal sized models @ Anna Chistova and Marina Endourova

Alright! Runway breakdown time!!!
Natali Kvon --You make BEAUTIFUL clothes! I love it that Moscow Fashion Week designers seem to stick to the tried and true runway designer tradition of topping off their lines with a fabulous wedding dress or two.... I love these dresses. I'm definitely not a pouffy wedding dress girl, or a lavender girl... but for you Natali... I could be.

So pretty, I might have to get married again.

Models can smoke on the runway in Moscow???? How shocking!!! Love the hair too BTW.

Again...so pretty...this will be the dress for wedding #3

Elena Skakun -- OMFG where have you been all my life??? I don't know if this model is an Ice Queen, an old-style Russian bride or the subtle marriage of meringue and spun sugar, and I don't care one iota. I love this, it's impractical and completely stunning.

aauuuggghhhh!!! It's white, it's yellow, it's frothy, it's pouffy...and it's FABULOUS

I threw these two ladies in here because the bitches got flair, ok? I love me some runway pageantry...act like you ENJOY the clothes...show the people that they have MOVEMENT... at least attempt to look slightly human out there... and these girls DID IT. *clappity clappity*

Polish MMC Studio Design

Zolota Design Studio

Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin brought clean lines to the already dominantly flowy and feminine runways with simple dresses... but the ne ruined it all with a gross buttery orangey gold lame jacket with pouffy sleeves... am I the only one who hears carnival music? *sigh* Nice try... but bleh. I'm really fighting this return to the 80's crap... been there, done that... I have the pictures of me in neon and similarly embarassingly coloured work out/stretchy pants with crimped out hair... this does not need to return. EVER. Maybe I'm just prejudiced against pouffy sleeves... I was traumatized as a child. Thanks for bringing it all rushing back Valentin.

I. Loathe. Pouffy. Sleeves.
Linen pants are cool though, both literally and figuratively.

The jacket that ruined my fashion day.

Ah yes, Thierry Mugler... TM, you are a costume designer. We know. I love the formed bodices and space details... but you've been doing the space child thing for quite a while now... it's cool...but I'm getting a little bored... space child isn't exactly wearable in the everyday world... and WTF Thierry... is that BLUE EYESHADOW to the brow bone with RED LIPS that I see on your models??? I know it is Thierry! You can't lie to me!!!

Thierry Mugler likes his women moulded out of plastic. I also have to mention that I have a serious aversion to BOOTIES. They are NOT sexy.

I see blue eyeshadow, do you see blue eyehsadow?

As usual, I've saved my favorite for last... I love these chicks... hot hot hot hot. Russian designers Shumilo & Elagina served up crazy hair, crazy makeup, and crazy mix and match clothes that would have made Catwoman proud. Vinyl mixed with cotton mixed with macreme/crocheting mixed with some metal studs, mixed with some crazy yarn details on the shoulders?? You're a MESS and I LOVE IT. Not super crazy about the plastic bag looking catsuit... but we can work on that. Her hair is awesome.


SECOND FAVORITE HAIR EVERagain, not sure about the garbage bag material...but she's working it so I can't complain too much.

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