This Week in High Fashion: Japan Fashion Week ~ Ahead of the Curve...I think...

This Week in High Fashion: Japan Fashion Week ~ Ahead of the Curve...I think...

Mon at 11:32am


Did you know that Japan had a Fashion Week? I didn't know that Japan had a Fashion Week.... I'm happy that Japan has a Fashion Week. Why? Well, to tell you the truth dearests, I'm not sure... perhaps I was expecting an endless parade of Hello Kitty themed socks and underpants, a Lolita flood, or some manga inspired neo-space-samurai fashion... but no... what I see from the photos, is spectacularly none of these things... although, lets be frank about this, I was highly disappointed by the lack of Hello Kitty aparrel.
Japan's runways were remarkably European looking this Fashion Week... especially where makeup is concerned, barefaced models, and some red lips... overall, pretty... and pretty bland.
From the photos I've seen... crazy hats and head adornments seem to be the order of the day...with headgear so fabulous, who cares if you can see where you're going!!
This way to the Runway Porn!
Aya Furuhashi is so next level I have no idea what to say about her show.... especially the set decoration... it looks like my bedroom circa 1997. Maybe I'm just not getting it, Aya... are you making a witty commentary on the garment industry and the knowledge that your creations will at some point end up on someone's floor? I'm missing something. I like the yarn/rolled up scarf hat though... that's pretty sweet.

There's some silly string in your hair, darling... let me get that for you... oh... that's supposed to be there? Oh... ok. Nice Napoleon hat btw...

This just in, Mint doesn't want you to see where you are going, model... just walk and hope for the best.
I'm sorry, Mint Designs, this looks like a sailor's mistress' frilly undergarment that has been stretched around some poorly bent wire... I don't know if you're trying to be ironic, nautical, Micky Mouse Club for Pussycat Doll supporters, or what... Love the porcelaine skin on the model, hate the boring red lips and boring hair.

You too can use a pillowcase as headwear... just ask Mint Designs.

Hello, Kitty! I knew you were hiding somewhere you little minx.

Toshikazu Iwaya...... um..... I'm not quite sure what to say about you... I don't know whether to applaud your use of iconic American images screenprinted onto tank dresses... or ask you for gift wrapping advice. I can only imagine how that hat sounds as the model is prancing up the catwalk. The sonic boom of crackling cello wrap echoing down the arcade with every stomping step...
I also see bare faced model. Pinky red lips don't count Toshi...

My favorite segment of Japan Fashion week thus far has to be this designer...
Junya Tashiro and his parade of White Queens. I love love love all of the white wigs, fancy delicate crowns, and generally gorgeous collection that flounced down the Tokyo catwalk.... Elegant, sparkly, ethereal, a little odd... and everything that I could possibly want from a Japan Fashion Week designer.

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