This Week in High Fashion: ROME!

This Week in High Fashion: ROME!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 1:28pm

By now, everyone knows how much I love fashion weeks…I love finding new ones that just seem to POP up where I’m least expecting them…last year it was Kazhakstan that shocked the hell out of me…I’m sure there will be others.
Rome has a fashion week…this I didn’t know…but I’m not shocked by it by any means. It’s like the beginner’s Milan…almost 300 miles away from one of the best known fashion hubs of the world…
Poor Rome…you’ve done so much for western culture, legal practices, art, architecture, people management, government, archaeology, literature, theatre….but don’t ask a high fashion model about any of that…or where to get the best pizza.

In the past, all roads led to Rome…but not so in the fashion world…all runways lead to Milan…if you’re lucky…otherwise, they lead to Barcelona…booo.

From looking at what was showing at Rome Fashion Week this season, I’m not sure if I’m happy…or ambivalent.
Let’s see what we have on display…

Gattinoni…Italian designers seem to waver back and forth in my esteem…some of them are amazing visionaries…and some are just…well….not.
Gattinoni is a fence rider…some things are beautiful…and some are boring, tired, and predictable.
Makeup: Yes, I can see some…I think my biggest problem is that too much blush, red eyeshadow around the lower lids and the matte red lip makes the model look ultra tired and washed out…I think it’s meant to be dramatic, and I appreciate the effort…but I also see emo hair which isn’t dramatic, and adds to the bedraggled washed out-y-ness of the whole look.

Emo hair...sleepy makeup. Red lips do not = fun in this case.

I also have an extreme problem with this. WTF is this about. This gorgeous glamazon goddess of a model, put in this shameful unflattering dress? She looks like a man. This, Gattinoni…I do not like one itty bitty bit.

WHY would anyone do this to such a gorgeous creature???


Lebanese designers continually surprise me…in a good way. Abed Mahfouz is all about layers…piles and piles and piles of layers…sculpted and soft, they look good enough to eat…but I don’t know who’s the intended wearing audience for these pieces…the material and cuts look like they should be in a wedding magazine…especially the champagne piece. It’s gorgeous…but where the hell does one wear this?

Makeup: It’s basically a repeat of what was done for Gattinoni…but on a better level…the models look healthy, (I’m going to credit the more coral shade to the lip colour on this one), and even a little dewey (without the harsh blush please…it’s possible)…not gaunt and a little wonky. Except for this one…who has bags under her eyes and looks HORRIBLE in seafoam…but then again…who DOESN’T look horrible in seafoam??? One more bad prom dress…coming right up.


This one, I actually REALLY like…although I have a feeling that I’ve seen it before on runways or red carpets elsewhere…

Oh wait…there it is.

And there…

And there…

Oh…sneaky sneaky trend…I found you.

Back on track…
Syrian designer Rami Al Ali…I’m slightly confused by you…you design pretty things for tiny pretty women…but I'm not seeing anything that hasn’t been done before…and better…

Fringe Dress:

Maybe it’s just the colour or the one shoulder asymmetry that’s getting to me…I don’t know.

Done better here by Bebe (I know…I know…I said Bebe…*shudder*)

And by Jennifer Lopez (I know…I know…I’m scared too.)

OK…and now…a fitted mermaid dress with some interesting retro-ish metallic designs…
Again…where have I seen this before?

Oh wait…I know.


Even Beyonce has worn this dress...better

And here on this random bridal website.

You know that the fashion trend is dead when it makes it on to a wedding dress...bye bye mermaid.


Oh, and he also did a one shoulder Grecian goddess inspired dress with “shoulder detail” on the one shoulder. How awesome and totally predictable. I’m not even going to compare this to anything. It’s too much effort, and I’m too tired.

The only GOOD thing I’m going to say about this runway….I love the Spanish inspired hairstyles with roses everywhere. Super pretty, and super classic and feminine. I'm going to guess from how utterly SAFE this collection was that Mister Al Ali is designing specifically for the red carpet…and that’s cool. It only takes one star to win an award wearing your dress to make you famous…look at Elie Saab, Calvin Klein, and Carolina Herrera. It’s a good gamble. But boring ass.

As per usual, I saved my favorite for last…
The Italian answer to Betsey Johnson without being alienating in her uniqueness…Marella Ferrera. I think I love everything about this collection…even the macramĂ© looking thing here. Mostly because it’s a full dress, and not an attempt at a loin cloth like JLo was sporting at the Grammy’s earlier this week.

Marelle Ferrera likes shoes about as much as I do. I approve.

This one reminds me of the Marchesa dress that Rhianna wore to the American Music Awards…but a little more deconstructed…and less…haute couture. I don’t think we’ll see this on the red carpets any time soon…but if I was anywhere near a red carpet (that isn’t really a white carpet that I’ve spilled red wine on) I would TOTALLY rock one of these designs out.
It’s like Pocahontas gone high fashion.

Peek a boo!

I’m also totally in love with this FU to the bubble dress.
FU bubble dress…this is a tutu bubble dress. It’s so full of win that I can hardly stand it.

This is my kind of high fashion…big badass hair, big dresses…and BIG makeup in an obnoxious colour.
Love Love Love.

I see feather lashes, crasy hair extensions, awesome makeup, and some adorable accessories. WIN WIN WIN.

I need me some Gallic slaves to carry all my shit to Rome.

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