Daily makeover has a STUPID question for you: "Can you pull off these 1980's Fashion Trends?"

Daily makeover has a STUPID question for you: "Can you pull off these 1980's Fashion Trends?"
Today at 1:19pm

Now I know what you're all thinking...why I am I fighitng this steamroller of a trend? What do I have against Karma Kameleon, spandex, and neon? Do I REALLY have to answer this??? According to Daily Makeover, I do.
It's on, bitches.
#1 ~ Bust out a Bow
"Not since Madonna's hayday circa Like A Virgin have we seen such show-stopping hair bows. Here are three looks spotted at New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 (from left to right): Milly by Michelle Smith, Betsey Johnson, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Get Into The Groove with this trend in the real world by going for a more moderately-sized headband or hair clip embellished with a bow"
Straight from the ho-rses mouth, I freaking DARE you to tie one of these rags to your head and pretend you don't see people staring at you like you missed Halloween. Since WHEN did this become a good fashion idea??? Madonna was a trend setter in the 80's... and she knew it... she made a style out of NOTHING... and has she gone back to it? NOT ONCE. Why?
Because it was cool to look like a mis-matched got dressed in the dark freak in the 80's...but it's NOT cool now. If you want to take style tips from Betsey Johnson, be my freaking guest... that woman has been stuck in the 80's since 1976... and she works it and designs some fantastically fun clothing... but she's neither practical nor office appropriate... unless you're going to university where no one cares how you express your inner uniqueness, please please please don't even bother with this trend... I'm freaking begging you.
If you want to follow Daily Makeover and "must try" this trend... I don't need to remind you that by wearing a headband with a bow or a clip with a bow, that you may as well dress for your first communion and put a sucker in your mouth, cause baby, you may as well be 7.

DON'T try this at home. Runway is NOT reality.

Trend #2~ Rock the Neon
"The neon of the future's so bright, you gotta wear shades. The best way to pull off the trend and look hot instead of headache-inducing: Go for a neon nail polish or accessory with an otherwise subdued (preferably all black) ensemble."
For the love of all that is shiny and fashionable... Why the Hell would you do this to yourself...?
I like a little bit of neon every once in a while... wait a minute... no I don't. Neon is messed up. It's not a colour, it's not a shade... it's an insult... a grossly overused insult.
Neon matches NOTHING but itself... so yes Daily Makeover, you WILL have to wear ALL BLACK because otherwise people will think you escaped from the set of Ferris Beuller's Day Off or that Cirque Du Soleil is doing a street show...
If you HAVE to do this... Daily Makeover's examples are all PINK... which is sadly the safest of all the neons because it can be disguised as regular pink or hot pink. I'm on to your game DM... and you suck at it.
I dare someone... ANYONE... to rock some day-glo orange.

I say NO!

Trend #3~Frosted Lipstick and Blue Eyeshadow
"Yes, we swear you can wear blue eyeshadow! Just make sure it is sheer and shimmery, lest you look like an extra on the set of Pretty in Pink. Match up this retro trend with a nude lips, but go for a frosted mauve hue to make it look 80's authentic."
NO I swear you CAN'T wear blue eyeshadow!!!!
Do you know when you can wear blue eyeshadow? When you're dressing up on PURPOSE to make fun of the 80's, or if you're being SUPER dramatic and the blue is MAC's "electric eel" or something similar. Anything else... especially if it's FROSTY... is just heinous!!! RESIST the urge to dive into your mother's makeup bag!! I JUST got my mum to STOP using this crap, don't you DARE bring it back DM... I'll be soooo angry at you! Word to the wise, even if you DO decide to go with a "sheer and shimmery" blue... you will STILL look like a "Pretty in Pink" wannabe. Stop the madness, before the overteased bangs and acid washed jeans come back...please... only you can prevent the 80's regurgitation!!!

Not if you tied me down like Gulliver.

My only avenue of reprieve here...is that
a) they only found 3 trends worth vomiting onto the interwebs and
b) the majority of the article comments are NEGATIVE and promise to shun the return of the 80's.
You haven't won yet, Daily Makeover...

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