Courtney Love...makeup artist....?

Courtney Love... makeup artist....?

Today at 11:21am

Doesn't every little girl dream of being a princess or a rock star... or maybe just looking like one?
Well, Courtney Love is here to solve ALL of your problems.... with makeup, skin advice, recommendations to a great plastic surgeon, and an oxycontin prescription.

Does it surprise you that good 'ol Courts is obsessed with makeup tutorials on YouTube? It shocks the hell out of me. So... to satisfy this obsession... she made one of her own and posted it on Twitter.

Now, I'm obsessed with YouTube makeup tutorials... but I would never make one... and I'm a makeup artist!
Courtney (thankfully?) states very clearly "I am by no means a makeup artist". Um. Thanks for clarifying... but no shit. To be fair... no one needs to be anything special to make a YouTube video...m y brother made a YouTube video about removing fluid from a MMA fighter's ear with a syringe. Other people I know have a video playing on a slide at a playground that has over 500 000 hits. *shrug*

So darlings... to see how Courtney Love gets that healthy glow, those drag eyebrows, fucked up hair, and just slept on whore look... check out this link and tell me if YOU would copy her look!


BTW, she plugs Sephora products, which are totally decent.
Try them out... but not with this tutorial... please.

Thank you to Jenn for sending me the stupid stupid link.

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