This Week in High Fashion: Let the 2010 Fashion Hype BEGIN!

This Week in High Fashion: Let the 2010 Fashion Hype BEGIN!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 12:34pm

Hello Ducklings!
It’s officially 2010…and how do I know? I know because Rio has their Fashion week. *cha-ching!*
That’s the sound of me cashing in on all of my New Years wishes for a more exciting year for fashion… Rio has got me all a quiver, and I’m actually serious about this. There are models… wearing MAKEUP on these catwalks, people! You have no idea how happy this makes little ‘ol me. And not just any makeup…FUN makeup. There are also TATTOOED models! I’m not talking the “cherry blossom on the hip” or “tribal sun on the lower back” kind of tattooed models either… I’m talking HEAVILY tattooed FEMALE models. I couldn’t grin any wider if you magically turned me into the Cheshire cat. Also, among the beautiful, the flowing and the always predictably awesome Grecian goddess inspired creations, I have to note that there are some WILD fashion deviations happening here…any why, might you ask? I’ll tell you why…because Lady Gaga is a genius. I’m SERIOUS (stop crying). Being the fashion forward, freaky, free bitch that she is, everyone wants to dress this woman. Last year, everyone wanted to be Thierry Mugler and designed space case garments for J Lo and Beyonce’s respective bubble butts….this year…it’s the year of the Gaga and I don’t blame anyone for trying too hard to impress.

But enough of my ramblings! On to the Runway Porn!

I’m starting off with Teca 2010 autumn/winter because…. well…. it’s really simple and classic looking, and I like that about this piece. Although I’m pretty sure that Winters in Rio are quite a bit milder than what most of us would compare it too, I can only hope that this dress is made of wool or something else warm-ish… otherwise, with one sleeve and a whole lot of leg showing, we have our first winter fail of 2010

Ready for a steamy Brasillian.... winter.... um... yeah. ok.

I’ve also thrown in another Teca creation here…mainly for the catwalk… it’s fucking glorious. And I mean that with every syllable. Hate the dress though… it looks like Little House on the Prairie: Paris Hilton Edition. Bleh. I ignore the dress…I stare at the pretty. Oooo… disembodied chandeliers….

Don't look at the dress! Look at the shiny!

Now we get to the good stuff… Maria Bonita Extra 2010 autumn/winter… this is a mild WTF for me… so it’s not capitalized…wtf Maria Bonita? Seriously. A too big fedora and a wronkled dress with knee socks and what look to be soccer cleats do not a fashion statement make. I know that Brasil is known for its fabulous soccer players…but unless she’s going straight from here to the football pitch to battle Rhonaldino for the ball…this is so not appropriate…and is that ASTRO-TURF on your stage? Is it? Indiana Jones wants his hat back, and I hate your belt.

Schlumpy fashion...straight from Rio. I can only hope that the dress material looks better in a less humid climate.

Redley Redley Redley…another lowercase wtf for you my friend. I like purple… and I like men who wear purple… but men who wear purple pants and a purple detailed cardigan with a purple faux collared shirt? Notsomuch. That cardigan is so heinous that Mr. Rogers’ mother would beat you with her knitting needles for creating it.

He's only smiling because he's plotting your doom.

Aqcuastudio’s Autumn/winter 2010 collection looks even less like it’s built for the winter months…unless they’re specifically aiming to be worn at the various holiday parties and awards shows…but honestly, with the runway styling, it looks like their models are more ready to take a dip in the English Channel with some 1950’s bathing beauties. Nice swim caps ladies…
I DO however, LOVE the structure of these pieces… it’s a piece of architecture…not clothing…and it’s fabulous.

This is so many kinds of awesome I haven't enough space to gush about it all...the only problem I can see... walking up stairs... but really, stairs are for peasants anyway, right?

Going Swimming with Queen Victoria never looked so stylish.

Thus begins the parade of “Clothing Gaga Would Approve”. I’m happy about this list.

Melk Z Da continues the Gaganation with some pokey spiney things that may or may not have been inspired by the Legion of Doom wrestling team from the mid-90’s. But you be the judge. Actually, the facepaint is oddly comparable…. the model is like the Spring version of the Legion of Doom.
I’m curious where in the Autumns or Winter one would choose to wear this piece…and I’m also curious about how much this costs…that basketwork alone is worth its weight in rattan.

Basket weaving and spines!

Facepaint and spines!
I think Legion of Doom wins this round...

Auslander adds to the awesome with my favorite thing ever… tattooed models. I love tattooed models. I’ve heard way too many people saying things about tattooed models that usually include the words “typecast”, “ugly”, “passé” and “non-fashion”. Well screw them. Some of the most glamorous, non-typecast, fashion forward and brilliant women I know are models who happen to be tattooed, or business owners who happen to be tattooed. Now that I’m done ranting… I don’t know wtf is happening with the ensemble on this model, but I’m digging on the half gloves and the makeup is a little scary…but that’s a good thing…I’ve spent too many months and disappointed fashion week reviews that featured NO makeup that I’m not even afraid anymore… these tears…are tears of joy. That’s right…JOY. *sob sob*

Even though the white face makeup is creepy...the basketmesh makes it art. So I"m ok with it.

AND they got Rodrigo Santoro to wear nail studded gloves and stylized armor pieces.


I threw Coven in here not because I love or hate their pieces…but because even though there are barefaced models on this catwalk…CHECK THE HAIR!


We’re getting somewhere, kittens…it’s a long, bumpy, scary road…but 2010 just might be the fashion year that we’ve all be hoping for…ok well maybe just the fashion year I’m hoping for because I desperately hated the 1980’s.

Fingers crossed people…fingers crossed.

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  1. Googled 80's floral wool rug (don't ask!)and your site came up with the velvet "Hammer Time" pants. They have so much in common! So glad I found you. Love this blog. Love your fashion commentary and love, love, love your sense of humor.